Low Cost Copier MFP Canon Image Runner Annandale – CPA Firm

CPA firms needs reliable, high quality low cost copier & high quality lowest cost MFP Copiers.  This is why the CPA firm in Annandale chose Fastech Low Cost Copier Print.

Annandale Virginia based Accounting firm Woon Soo, Kim C.P.A. / P.C. purchased at lower than 50% off and installed a Canon Image Runner Advanced Series 4235i B/W MFP which has been  fully networked as the primary Printer / Scanner providing mission critical copier & printer for a large staff and supporting administrative personnel.

Having been a long time Canon brand customer, Mr. Kim commented that he was extremely pleased with the many features and options available on the new Canon Image Runner Advanced Series 4235 designed to simplify and increase the efficiency of the work flow in his office especially now that his busiest Tax season is just around the corner…..


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